NoteSlateのその後 まだ諦めてはいないらしい

Boogie Board Ripの仕様がちょっと残念だったので、心の片隅で期待を持ち続けているNoteSlateの話題を一つ。話題と言っても、あいかわらず進捗はなさげですけど。


We know, what you mean. It`s our failure, to treat the community here. We are not able to do that other way right now. We can just promise, for sure, we will update the web, when we will be ready and start the new round.
Just a note, the project, how it went through this year, was completely something different that we expected.
We will need your help soon, the project is much more complicated. Anyway, we have many great news to talk about with all of you, the progress we made. We definitely want to asap. Thanks for patience. btw. everything started in January 2011 …




そんなわけで、発売予定は、2011年6月 → 9月 → 秋 と来て、結局来年に持ち越しのようです。