Lumia 1020を買うべき41の理由 Nokiaがインフォグラフを公開


米AT&Tで発売が開始された41万画素のカメラを持つNokiaのLumia 1020。これを記念して、「41 Reasons why nothing else comes close」と題されたインフォグラフが公開されています。Lumia 1020に何者も及ばない41の理由というところでしょうか。


  1. Six ZEISS lenses for the sharpest imaginable
  2. Ball-bearing support floating lens for maxximum accuracy
  3. Select the Best Shot from a quickly taken series
  4. Reframe your photos to discover and rediscover stories
  5. Remove moving guests from your pictures
  6. Lossless zooming means getting closer than ever before
  7. 41-megapixel sensor captures extrardinary detail
  8. Change Faces to get the best group picture
  9. High-precision glass lens for even clear photos
  10. Tap and send with NFC
  11. Easy sharing with pictures from pocket to Facebook in seconds
  12. Nokia Smart Camera lets you do more with your photos
  13. Easy acces to photos stored on SkyDrive
  14. Dual capure saves one image for instant sharing and for reframing
  15. Never get lost with HERE Maps & Drive
  16. Optical Image Stabilisation for blur-free images
  17. Capture more details than your imagined possible
  18. Wireless charging optional
  19. High qualit images for lage-format printing
  20. Live Tiles and one-touch access to social media wiith Windows Phone OS
  21. Fast-growing imaging app ecosystem using 1020’s extraordinary camera
  22. Capture and curate with Hipstamatic OGGL pro app
  23. Great imaging app: Photosynth, Burton, Panorama, Photobeamer
  24. Largest smartphone Back Slude Illuminated(BSI) sensor, ever!
  25. Two flashes: Xenon and LED for the best bight photos
  26. ZEISS optics for true-to-life images and video
  27. Amazing camera and smartphone in one
  28. Teaches you how to take better photos with built-in tutorials
  29. Sleek design slips in your pocket with ease
  30. High-resolution AMOLED screen and Gorilla Glass 3
  31. Excellent low-light performance
  32. Set the Exposure Value(EV) to control image brightness
  33. Adjust ISO to match light sensitivity to the moment
  34. Set focal length manually and revise later if you want to
  35. Amazing pictures made easy with Nokia Pro Camera App
  36. Frelancer grip and wrist strap for increased control
  37. Use blurring to highlight action with Motion Focus
  38. Rich recording with stereo sound for unbelievable bass and treble
  39. Shoot blur-free HD video to better capture those moving moments
  40. Add movement with Action Shot
  41. Silent zoom on video so you only capture the sounds that matter


このインフォグラフを作製した Jing Zhangさんは写真を撮るのも好きということで、そのJungさんが感銘を受けた5つのポイントは、

  1. The way you can reframe your photos
  2. The 41-megapixel sensor
  3. The six lenses for sharper images
  4. The dual capture, which saves images in multiple resolutions
  5. The ability to set the Exposure Value (EV) for brightness


Lumia 1020のSIMフリー版はExpsnsysでは2~3週間以内に入荷する予定とのことです。AT&Tのアンロック版だとNegriが今週中に入荷予定になっていますね。日本円だと7万後半〜8万円前半という値段になると思いますが、Lumia 1020はぜひ欲しいと思っています。

(source Nokia)