iPhoneで操作できる$50未満のラジコンヘリ HELO TC


engadgetにiPhone,iPod touch,iPadで操作できるラジコンヘリが載っていました。

We got to the choppa! It’s been nearly a month’s time since Griffin introduced its AppPowered Helo TC, a mini RC helicopter for iDevices, and we’ve been lucky enough to play test pilot for a bit. Fifty bucks gets you the TC itself, an infared Flight Deck for your device, 4 extra rotor blades, a USB charging cable and a paper landing pad for when you’re done wreaking havoc in your home or office. Of course, there are similar OEM models that use a standard remote available for nearly half the price, but we were curious to see how Griffin’s free iPhone app could mix things up — plus, it’s alot easier on the wallet than an AR.Drone. So, was it clear skies and smooth sailing or something more like Blackhawk Down? Breeze on past the break to find out.

Griffin’s Helo TC cleared for takeoff, we attempt to get airborne in a hands-on (video)




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