Noteslateのその後 相変わらず……



Hey guys, we know we are not on time with Noteslate release… anyway we think, there isn`t still any product out there such us. What we are supposed do do, when reading these comments here? SiPix epaper, we already went through … asus, right, it`s up to you… boogie board… we like papyri vision …
We love this community around noteslate, this interest, need of such a device… We think we will open your eyes when coming, in much wider field than any other etching board.

Not tablet, Slate we are, interactive paper and we just want to bring this new platform for you, globally, for future networked freedom. As we all want to… and of course we are considering our potential competitors… sharks out there.
BTW. did you think about handwriting possibilities already in details? Creativity, communication, education, publishing, imprints .. in all the fields the Slate is about? We did and we worked on it.
Take it easy. We`ll share next steps when completely ready.


Take it easy. We`ll share next steps when completely ready.



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